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Have you ever thought about using hypnotherapy for your wellbeing as a form of investing in yourself? Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to use as self-care technique and to enhance our general wellbeing.

Most of us make time to watch TV, play computer games and perhaps go to a gym. But how many of us take care of the state of our minds? How often do we stop, relax and focus on improving and changing our mindsets and old outdated beliefs?

The majority of people spend their lives repeating old patterns of behaviours. Engaging in automatic negative self-talk and keeping our minds very noisy is another common human experience. Disconnecting from our emotions and avoiding a moment of peace and relaxation often covering up our fear of letting go.

Do you wonder what would happen if you included wellbeing hypnotherapy in your self-care kit? Do you dare to think how your life would improve?

The moment we include hypnotherapy in our lives to enhance our wellbeing, we will increase our ability to face daily life challenges with much calmer and relaxed approach. If we practice and learn how to relax than in the moment that we need it most, we will be able to access that skill and resolve life challenges better. No one becomes an Olympic champion over night! All requires training, experience and reinforcing of competencies.

Finally, by practising and learning how to use our mind more positively, we can train ourselves to let go of the past hurt. We can discover new information about ourselves and increase our self-awareness about areas of our lives that we could improve. We can use hypnosis as a tool of mental hygiene.

We can learn how to switch off and let go. Hypnosis offers us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. Being in a trance gives us the gift of peace that dwells deep within us. The trance promotes the natural healing abilities of our bodies.

So if you would like to give yourself some “me time with wellbeing hypnotherapy” email me today at Michaela@hypnotherapy-southampton.co.uk

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