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Social anxiety can be a very limiting condition that has a negative impact on a person everyday life. It is much more than then normal shyness and involves intense emotional discomfort.

What Are The Symptoms Of Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety can manifest as intense fear or phobia that affect your confidence, social relationship and everyday activities, being it school or work.

Some of the symptoms may include avoiding social activities or group conversation. Some people may be terrified of meeting strangers or speaking on the phone.

Others may worry about doing something embarrassing or experience blushing or excessive sweating.

Another common fear is being observed or judged.

These feelings can sometimes escalate to the person feeling sick, trembling or suffering panic attacks.

Social anxiety treatments

Suffering social fear can be very stressful and when left untreated can lead to further mental health problems such as depression. Some people may choose to self-medicate to ease the discomfort using alcohol or other substances.

Different methods can be used to help with anxiety. Some people choose talking therapies. Using counselling will help you to identify negative thought patterns and behaviours. You can then work on changing them.

Finally, hypnotherapy can help you to uncover any hidden issues or experiences that contributed to your fear. Once you deal with the causes that contributed to your anxiety, you can make a space for creating new behaviours. Hypnosis can help you to feel much calmer and in control.

Hypnotherapy will help you to get more control over your thinking and emotions. With hypnosis, you can also increase your confidence and grow your self-esteem.

These changes will promote new feeling of confidence and calmness in old situations.

After some sessions, you will also receive MP3 hypnotherapy recordings. You will need to play these in your own time to reinforce the therapy.

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