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Motorway driving fear and anxiety has been the thing I have been working loads in the last couple of months.

The statistic says that the motorways are the safest roads in England. However, it seems that motorway driving anxiety is quite common.

It is also true that student drivers are not allowed to drive on the highways. This fact probably does not equip them with enough skills and confidence to go on the motorway once they have got their driving licence.


Firstly, if the reason why you struggle with driving on motorways is that you have not had enough experience, you can get a few driving lessons to help you to feel more confident. This way you can also get feedback from the driving instructor about your skills.

Secondly, if you have been a confident driver and suddenly out of nowhere you start to feel anxious, panicky and feeling out of control about driving, then the reason might be somewhere else.

So what are some of the reasons why we develop a fear of driving? You might have witnessed or be involved in an accident. Alternatively, somebody close to you had the same concern, and you might learn it at a young age. Maybe just by mistake, you drove onto a motorway, and the stress of the experience stayed with you.

We are all unique, and we may have different reasons for our fears. Moreover, the truth is whatever the cause is, experiencing anxiety or phobia can be limiting and disabling.

Hypnotherapy can be excellent to help you to overcome your fear. With hypnosis, you can uncover the reasons behind your anxiety and let go of it. With the help of NLP techniques, you can start to feel confident and in control while on the motorway.

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