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Have you been struggling with anger and feeling out of control? Anger is a normal human emotion that alters the state of our mind and also has direct physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, adrenaline levels and can also impact on our blood pressure.

There are many different reasons why people feel angry. Some of us may have experienced loss, disappointment, failure, feeling frustrated, sense of injustice, stress, tiredness, etc.

As a result, we can feel angry with ourselves, others and the world around us.

There are various ways people express anger.

Some people can become loud shouting, swearing, etc.

Others will be physically aggressive hitting other people, pushing, breaking things, etc. resulting in very frightening experience for those around them.

Others may choose to express their anger passively.

There are also people who can be unable to express their emotions and turn it against themselves. In some occasions when we turn these feelings inwards, we may choose to harm ourselves as a coping strategy.

There is no doubt that any unresolved and suppressed anger can become unhealthy and also cause us many social, psychological and health issues.


Hypnotherapy can help us to look at the root of our problem and deal with it. We will be able to let go of past hurt and heal ourselves.

Using some NLP techniques, we can create new behaviours how to deal with anger. We can learn new calm responses to old situations.

By listening to hypnotherapy recordings, we can practice mental hygiene. We can release old unwanted emotions and thoughts and replace them with positive feelings.

We can also learn to express our feelings in much more assertive and productive manner. By doing so, we will set our boundaries and express our feelings in more creative and less damaging way.

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