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Recently I have had many enquiries from people searching for hypnosis to help with fear of flying.

Aerophobia can stop some people from travelling.

For others, just the thought of getting on a plane can cause high levels of anxiety and spoil their holidays.

But why some people develop the fear of flying? For some individuals, it can be because they have never flown before and are scared of the unknown.

Others may be afraid of the close spaces or not being in control.

Whatever reasons there is behind the fear a person is experiencing there are several approaches that can help to overcome the fear of flying.

How to overcome the fear of flying with hypnosis

One of my clients let us call her Janet came to me because she was going for a holiday in a week time and was afraid of getting on the plane.

She was hoping hypnotherapy could be the answer for her because she wanted to go but the thought of travelling was overwhelming for her.

After the induction, I have checked with the subconscious mind if there were any reasons that we needed to have a look at why Janet felt scared.

The IMR confirmed we had to revisit the event when a few years ago Janet had to fly and just before getting on the plain she felt very anxious without any apparent reason.

I have used the Gestalt technique. Janet was able to cut the negative ties that bind her to the event years ago.

Because all we had was one session before Janet went on her trip, I also used an NLP technique when I took Janet to a cinema and used a rapid rewind with some fancy music. After running it few times, Janet’s fear came well down on the scale.

She was now relaxed and looking forward her trip.

After coming back from holiday, I have received a message from Janet that her fear was gone and she was able to enjoy her holiday!

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