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Have you ever wondered how could learning self-hypnosis benefit you?

I believe that learning and using self-hypnosis can be a great tool to have in your toolbox of self-help techniques.

The other day I had to have an MRI scan.

I had my first MRI scan many years ago, and I remembered feeling very anxious and claustrophobic in the scanner. I didn’t like to be in the restricted space, and I struggled with the noise of the machine.  I could feel my heart going fast and my anxiety rising high.

However this time my experience was very different. I have used self-hypnosis. I could feel myself relaxing more and more with each noise. By the end of the procedure, I was so relaxed that it took me a few moments to come back.

Also, I have forgotten to mention that the technologist did not remember to play the music I have requested beforehand to make the procedure easier!

So firstly, self-hypnosis is excellent to use to help you manage anxiety, fears and bring yourself back to a calm place.

Secondly having the skill can also reduce the level of stress you are experiencing in everyday life or at work.

It can also help you to increase your self-confidence and help you to develop new skills.

If you love sports or gym, then you can use it to enhance your performance.

So, is it hard to learn self-hypnosis?

The simple answer is that you need to allow yourself to relax. It is a conscious decision to permit yourself to relax and let go.

I think that the best way to learn self-hypnosis is first to go and have a hypnosis session so that you can experience hypnosis first hand and then your hypnotherapist can teach you how to hypnotise yourself!

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