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Ending of December is inviting us to reflect on our achievements and the things that have not work the way we expected and most importantly it is an opportunity to set objectives for the New Year.

So why is setting objectives so important? As Tony Robbins says: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

So we need to set our goals and make plans on how to achieve them.

Without specific objectives, there are no results!

As a Hypnotherapist, I have often observed that the people who come to therapy with crystal clear ideas on what they want to change and achieve they are those who are very committed to their progress and get excellent results.

Our mind is very potent and will take us where we want to go if we give it direction! On the other hand, if we do not have any plans our mind will just take us anywhere. We will be working hard and never achieve as much as those who set their goals!

So it is by setting objectives that we create a long-term vision and also motivation. We will stay focused on achieving our aim. Having plan will give us the direction and helps us to organise our time and expand our knowledge and resources.

On the subconscious level we will keep our mind occupied and undistracted!

Having purpose will inspire us to get rid of procrastination by setting ourselves tasks towards achieving our goal.

Consciously we will begin to influence our subconscious and start to programme ourselves for success.

So let us take this opportunity to start to set our objectives today! Let us make the time to reflect and evaluate where we want to be by the end of next year.

And most importantly we need to make sure that we write our goals down because a goal without writing it down is just a dream!

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