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Have you ever thought about the power of words?

How many times have you asked people “How are you?” and the response was “not bad”?

I have often been wondering what the “not bad” means? I have been asking myself why is it that people cannot answer this simple question in a more positive way. Perhaps most of us struggle to identify how we feel? Or some people may feel afraid to say that they are doing pretty well. Or we are just running on an automatic pilot!

Whatever the reason is we need to be very mindful of the way we speak about ourselves and to ourselves. We need to increase our awareness and sensitivity and listen to ourselves! Every word we speak has a very profound impact on our lives. We need to understand that every minute of our lives we are creating our future. That is why we need to be mindful of what we say.

Power of Words and Hypnotic Suggestions

As a Hypnotherapist, I use hypnotic suggestions at all the times. And guess what? The hypnotic suggestions I am using are positive! The suggestions are there to help you to change your life, to change your destiny. They are there to empower you and to bring a much more favourable present and future to your life!

And that is one of the reasons why I love hypnotherapy. I love giving people positive suggestions. I like to see people making those amazing changes and feeling empowered. But not only that, I love hearing people changing the ways they speak! Becoming more constructive and confident to say that “yes, I am doing just fine”!

So I would like to invite you to challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and be aware of what you are saying. Just notice each word you are saying to yourself and those around you.

And when next time someone asks you “How are you” and you catch yourself replying “not bad” just stop yourself right there, take a deep breath and just say “I am doing great”.

Keep practising and see what happens and remember your words DO have power!

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