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Recently there has been raised many concerns about the impact sugar has on our health. It has been observed that overeating sugar can cause metabolic dysfunction leading to obesity, increase in type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation that impacts the immune system and other problems.

A continuation there has been an indication that high consumption of sugar in the form of chocolates, biscuits, etc. and also highly processed food with high content of added sugars can have a severe impact on our mental health. Some studies suggest that the excessive rush of blood sugar followed by sharp crash can influence the symptoms of mood disorders. These may include worsening of symptoms of depression and anxiety by impacting how our bodies deal with stress.

Some studies also propose the idea that sugar is addictive flooding the brain with the feel-good chemical dopamine and over time altering its function. This effect is similar to other drugs.

Even the NHS is now banning super-sized chocolates from hospitals. On the other hand, the government is coming with new legislation that will increase the tax on sugary drinks. And some famous Chefs such as Jamie Oliver have already raised the prices of the sugary drinks in their restaurants.

So how can hypnotherapy help YOU to get sugar consumption in the right balance?

Eating sweets is a learned habit. Hypnotherapy will help you to change that pattern. We will investigate any subconscious reasons that lead you to emotional sugar eating and deal with them.

By using NLP techniques and clinical hypnosis, I can help you to make changes in your mind. Just imagine yourself making better eating choices and swapping biscuits or chocolates for much healthier fruits! Just picture yourself now being in control of the quantities of fruits you eat!

As a result, you will be able to create better food choices for yourself and move towards much happier and healthier YOU.

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