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Are you struggling with nail-biting or do you know someone who does?

Loads of children and teenagers bite their nails, and many grow out of it. However, if you are an adult and still biting your nails than maybe this habit comes from childhood but you never stopped.

Perhaps you are using nail-biting as a coping strategy when under loads of emotional or mental stress.

Whatever is the cause of your nail-biting your habit can have some risks.

You can be risking an infection due to the bacteria that is growing fast under your nails and can be easily transmitted to your mouth and body.

You can also get an infection to your nails and damage your teeth.

Lastly, your nails can start to grow into a weird shape giving you abnormal-looking nails.

So if you have been cultivating this habit for a very long time, you may even not be aware that you are doing it anymore. It may become a real compulsion and sort of addiction.

There are some traditional ways you can use to help yourself with the habit. These include keeping your nails short or getting a manicure. You could also use some unpleasant tasting substances on your nails such as nail varnish, etc.


The answer is yes! Hypnosis can be beneficial to deal with nail-biting. With hypnotherapy, you will be able to create new behaviours instead of your current habit.

During the hypnotic trance, we can communicate with the subconscious mind and investigate what is causing this behaviour.

We can then deal with whatever comes up using some of the available techniques.

After some sessions, you will also receive recordings to play at home in your own time to reinforce the therapy.

Hypnosis can be great to promote the change and get rid of your unwanted habit!

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