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One of my favourite techniques that I use in my hypnotherapy practice is a regression. So how does regression work? At the first session, we will establish with the help of IMR (Ideomotor response technique which helps with uncovering repressed memories) if my client needs to regress to the cause of his/hers presenting issue.

All of us have memories that are stored in our subconscious mind. However, some of these memories can be negatively affecting our present life. Often these can be related to our experiences in our childhood and the way the little child makes sense of what has happened. Nevertheless, these cannot be accessed with our conscious mind, or we do not have enough awareness to make the necessary connections. During hypnosis, it is much easier to tap into what has been hidden for so long. We can suddenly remember an event, feelings, thoughts that had been linked directly to our present problem.

By revisiting the past with the eyes and knowledge of an adult, we can gain more insight and understanding of what happened. We can remove the blocks and comprehend our self-sabotaging tendencies and expose the obstacles that are holding us back. Once we have found the cause, we can then cut the negative ties that connect us to the problem and heal our present. We can use the Inner Child technique to restore our child and let go of the pain.

With the help of hypnotic regression, we can free ourselves from repeating old behavioural patterns and old beliefs. Often the regression will transform us and give us more insights into how our mind works and how we perceive things from our unique perspective. Consequently, we will be able to let go and release all that was holding us back.

So are you ready to open the door to your healing? Hypnotic regression could be the answer you are looking for!

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