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Do you think you have imagination?

As a hypnotherapist, the words I often use in the sessions with clients are “I want you to imagine that you can see yourself happy, slim, and confident, etc.” However sometimes when my adult clients come up from hypnosis, they say “I struggle to imagine or I have no imagination”.

So is it true that you do not have imagination?

I would say that almost everybody has imagination. Just think, only when you wake up in the morning you prepare for the day ahead of you. You create mental pictures of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. So that means that you are using your creativity to plan your future.

And the same thing works with hypnotherapy. You can create a new image of yourself. You can change your behaviours and become calm instead of being anxious. You can picture yourself as if you have already had the qualities you want to have and allow your subconscious mind to make the necessary changes to make that happen.

In my hypnotherapy practice, I like to encourage my clients to have fun with hypnosis. And guess what? The artists of hypnosis are children. Children are incredibly creative, and they just go with the flow.

So when I see my clients, I invite them to be playful and have fun with the process. I ask them to allow their inner child to come up to the surface and play. We all have the ability to tap into our memories and recreate our past experiences. We all have our inner child in us. So I prompt them to remember how it used to feel like to play.

I like to motivate my clients to embrace the world of possibilities to transform their present and future.

As Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

So let us have a brilliant time with hypnosis creating our better self, happier tomorrow and excellent TODAY by rediscovering our forgotten skill of imagination!

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