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Recently I have noticed that more and more people are searching for hypnotherapy because they want to manage their anxiety better.

We are living in a very fast world surrounded by technology. Everything is constantly changing, and most of us spend too much time worrying about tomorrow. We experience a lot of pressure at work, at school, we have financial commitments to attend to and want to be the best we can.

By always worrying and over thinking we are creating anxiety. This habit leads to over-activation of the Amygdala also known as the fight or flight response. A continuation if this behaviour becomes a way of being we are always sending to our brain messages of fear and danger.

More we practice anxiety responses more we reinforce the neural pathways in our brain. So next time when we experience similar situation we will react with the anxiety response making connections and associations. And we will condition ourselves to fear.

Hypnotherapy and anxiety management

So how can hypnotherapy help you to manage your anxiety? When I see my clients, I explain to them that they need to retrain their brains for much calmer responses. As a hypnotherapist, I will use a variety of techniques to help you to learn how to relax. By communicating with the subconscious mind, we can establish if we need to use regression to the cause of the problem so we may deal with it.

We can create new behaviours that you can use in response to old fears and situation. I can teach you new techniques that will help you to stay in control of your anxiety. I can also teach you self-hypnosis that will promote relaxation.

I believe that relaxation is a skill all of us need to learn because when we relax our bodies function much better. Calmness and relaxation improve a sense of wellbeing and healing, and we think and solve the life challenges better.

So why not to give yourself the gift of learning relaxation today?

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