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Are you struggling to cope with everyday life challenges without alcohol? Or has alcohol become your crutch?

People are often using alcohol as a form of relaxation after a hard day at work. Others turn to drinking when experiencing a financial crisis, relationship breakdowns, dealing with bereavement, social drinking pressure etc. On the other hand, there is a cultural acceptance of social drinking that is highly encouraged by the adverts in the media creating an image of relaxation and happiness.

However prolonged drinking or binge drinking can lead to a habit that can have a severe impact on the individual and family life. Contrary to popular believe habitual drinking does not help you to relax but depresses the nervous system.

Other common problems include poor decision making, memory loss, blackouts, shakiness that can have more significant long-term health implications.

Drinking in excess increases the acidity of our bodies, and some studies suggest that highly acidic environment is ideal for spreading cancer.

There are many health and social implication in drinking in excess and very often to get over the habit can be extremely challenging.

So how can hypnotherapy or hypnosis help you with alcohol?

As with any addiction hypnotherapy or hypnosis is all about changing habits. I use a therapy that is client centred. We can have a look at any underlying emotional issues that lead you to alcohol abuse.

Perhaps you want to give up entirely, or you are contemplating to reduce your drinking to just occasional social drink. Whatever your goal might be hypnotherapy/hypnosis can be the answer you are looking for.

We can help you to get back your emotional balance and find new coping strategies. I can teach you techniques that can help you better manage your cravings.

Finally reducing or giving up on alcohol will help you to improve your health, general wellbeing and also get you some extra cash!

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