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Teeth grinding also known as Bruxism can cause you a lot of pain and very expensive dental treatments. Please read my story at https://hypnotherapy-southampton.co.uk/about-me/

Teeth grinding (Bruxism) is usually associated with stress or anxiety. In most cases, it occurs unconsciously during sleep. However, some people may experience teeth grinding or bruxism when they are awake. Regular, persistent teeth grinding can cause jaw pain, discomfort, tooth pain and can also wear down your teeth. Possible symptoms may also include headaches and earache.

As a result of this many people need to undergo expensive dental treatments or have to be using night guards that are protective mouth guards made from soft or hard plastic materials to prevent any further dental damage or other problems.

So how can hypnotherapy help you to correct this habit? Bruxism happens unconsciously and that is why hypnotherapy can be very effective. Hypnosis works at the unconscious level. It is believed that about 70% of bruxism occurring during sleep is stress related. With hypnotherapy, we can improve your sleep patterns. We can help you to reduce the level of stress and anxiety that you may be suffering that can lead to increasing teeth grinding (Bruxism). Hypnotherapy can help you to RELAX! And with the use of your imagination, we can create new more positive thought patterns and habits that will enable you to stop grinding your teeth.

So please do not wait! Take action NOW and explore what hypnotherapy can do for YOU! Prevent and protect YOUR teeth! You can email me at michaela@hypnotherapy-southampton.co.uk or call me at 07955351059 for a free of charge consultation

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