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So why do we experience pain?

When we suffer an injury our body will immediately activate the pain receptors to alert us that something is wrong! However unpleasant this may be, pain plays a crucial role in our lives.

It is here to alert us that something is wrong! It is a necessary defence mechanism, which helps us to survive and be safe.

Pain is a sensation that hurts. It creates discomfort and causes us distress. Each person experiences pain differently, and that means that pain a very subjective experience.

Also, pain can be acute or chronic. The acute pain usually results from an accident or illness and is often short term.
On the other hand, the chronic pain may arise from an acute medical condition, or sometimes there may not be a clear explanation for it. In this case, the pain is long term.

Some symptoms relating to pain are dizziness, nausea, weakness, perspiration, etc.

On the emotional level, the person feeling pain can experience anger, crying, irritability, depression, suicidal feelings, etc.

Pain can also affect our social activities resulting with lifestyle changes such are work, ability to get around, self-care, etc.

If you are experiencing pain, it is always vital to consult your GP for a diagnosis.

Different alternative therapies may be helpful in gaining pain relief.

Hypnosis can be very useful to those experiencing pain. Hypnotherapy can enable to refocus your mind away from pain. It can be used together with conventional pain relief techniques. In the past, before the discovery of anaesthetics hypnosis was used for dentistry, operations, childbirth for pain relief.

Your hypnotherapist can help you with some relaxations techniques. The therapist can also teach you self-hypnosis and other pain relief techniques to manage your pain.

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