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The simple answer is YES – it can!

There are many reasons why we can lack confidence and self-esteem.  One of them might be some issues directly link to our childhood and our relationships with our parents, siblings and friends that will shape our opinions about ourselves.

Another important factor that affects our self-esteem especially among young people is the media. Traumatic events in our life can also influence how we feel about ourselves.

As a result of these events we may need to look at different ways how we can improve our confidence.

So whatever is the reason that you are struggling with self-esteem and confidence it is important that you take action and look for help. Long time lack of confidence can lead to many frustrations. We can feel furious with people around us and spend our lives feeling victims of the circumstances. In today’s society, we need to have healthy levels of self- esteem to be able to function properly. We need to be able to feel good about ourselves and feel acceptant of our abilities and our limitations without any judgement.

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious and can help to identify the causes of lack of confidence and self-esteem. By using a variety of techniques, hypnotherapy promotes positive changes in the way we think and feel about ourselves.

I love using hypnotherapy in helping clients to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem to healthy levels. I love hearing their experiences with their new found confidence being able to set their boundaries and express freely their truth in a confident, more assertive manner.

Let me help YOU today from my hypnotherapy practice in Southampton to feel good about yourself and to become the best you can be.

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