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We all know somebody who suffers from addictions. Often an addiction has a great impact on a person’s life and their ability to function. It is not an exception when a person will go from one addiction to another!


Addiction is a strong uncontrollable need to take drugs, drink alcohol or carry out a particular activity such as gambling, using the internet, shopping, etc. Many people will frequently engage in such activities, without having major problems.

However, in some people, these behaviours can cause damaging physical and psychological effects. Their habits may become more frequent & intense until finally turning into an addiction. This outcome occurs as a direct result of chemical changes in our brain.

The addictive behaviour can lead to many difficulties for the person that suffers an addiction including financial, health, relationship and other problems.

Additionally, a person having an addiction can be feeling very isolated. He/she may find it tough to open up or ask for help. The person affected may feel too ashamed to take action. The addiction then becomes a vicious circle which has a significant impact on the addict and the entire environment around him/her.

Hypnotherapy can be useful complementary therapy in helping you with your anxiety and with correcting the compulsive behaviours. Hypnotherapy can help you to uncover any underlying issues that may lead to the addictive behaviour.

With hypnotherapy, we will deal with the causes that led you to addiction.  We will also create new behaviours that will promote the changes in your habits.

We will gently walk step by step on the way to your recovery and celebrate every little achievement and progress that you make.


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